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Renewing The Way Campaign

Our Centre is growing and we need your help to make it happen! Our plans include expanding our Buddha Hall and adding additional space in the basement.

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Introductory Workshops

Conducted by Roshi Henderson and his students, workshops are a practical and authentic introduction to Zen Buddhism. They are also an ideal time to see how spiritual training is carried on at the Centre.

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Getting Started

Whether you are completely new to Buddhism or you already have a spiritual practice and are curious about formal practice at our Centre, the way to get started is to first attend an Introductory Workshop.

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Important Notices & Special Events

Hungry Ghost Ceremony — Sunday, November 2
Each year at this time we perform a ceremony for beings who are suffering in the Preta or Hungry Ghost Realm. Read more...

Informal Metta Sitting — Wednesday, November 5 from 7-8pm
Informal metta sittings are open to anyone who has taken the metta course in the past. Roshi will be present at this sitting and will give an opportunity for discussion after.

Famine Relief Ceremony — Thursday, November 13
We will be holding a special Ceremony for the Relief of Famine during the evening's formal sitting. The evening starts with rounds of zazen at our regular time of 7 pm. Read more...

Finding Your Seat — Monday, November 17
We have another session of our Finding Your Seat program on Monday, November 17, from 7-8pm in our basement kitchen. This informal get-together is an opportunity for new and trial members to ask any questions they may have about Zen practice and the activities of the Centre.

Jukai — Sunday, November 23
Jukai is open to members of the Centre and their immediate families, including children. Those who participate in the Jukai Ceremony are expressing their intention - as Buddhists - to follow the path of Buddhism. Read more...