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Renewing The Way Campaign

After 30 years in our current home, the time has come to expand in order to meet the needs of our growing membership. The Centre is now embarking on an exciting renovation project and is seeking the support of members, friends and the community.

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Intro to Zen Workshops

Workshops are a practical and authentic introduction to Zen Buddhism. During the half-day schedule of talks, question periods, demonstrations and guided meditation, participants are introduced to the body-mind disciplines of Zen Buddhism.

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Mettabhavana Course

Mettabhavana is an ancient Buddhist meditation leading to the development of unconditional loving-kindness and friendliness. Metta is something you feel in your heart, a positive emotional state towards others as well as ourselves.

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Important Notices & Special Events

Centre closed for Canada Day
TZC will be closed on July 1st for Canada Day.

Finding Your Seat — Monday July 13 from 7-8pm.
This informal get-together is an opportunity for new and trial members to ask any questions they may have about Zen practice and the activities of the Centre.

Famine Relief Ceremony — Tuesday, July 14
On Tuesday July 14, we will hold a special Ceremony for the Relief of Famine during the evening's formal sitting. Famine Relief Ceremonies are a concrete way to express our compassion for those who are suffering from the deprivation of hunger. All are encouraged to attend. Read More...

Ceremonies of Aid for Nepal
A second Ceremony of Aid was held on Tuesday, May 12th to assist the ongoing recovery efforts in Nepal, after a continuing series of devastating aftershocks. Read More...