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Buddha Hall Renovation Project: Latest News

December 2, 2016

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to let you know that the Zen Centre has at last received our permit from the City and we now have the green light to move ahead with construction on our Renewing the Way project. This is exciting news. But while all approvals from the city are now in place, the cost of the project has increased and we are now embarking on one final fundraising push to get us over the top and ready for construction in the Spring.

The reasons for the cost increase are connected with a series of code compliance issues that the city’s permit and planning office indicated needed to be addressed prior to their approving and issuing of the building permit. Addressing these new requirements will ensure that the Centre is bought entirely up-to-date with all of the city’s current fire and safety regulations - preparing us not just for the present, but also for well into the future.

The additional requirements include: a complete sprinkler system installed in the full basement area (both existing and new construction); the use of special fire-resistant drywall; the temporary removal and replacement of radiator plumbing in the basement; a new 4-inch water pipe connected to the city waterline; and the installation of fully-functioning, automatic-release fire doors throughout the building. While impacting the scope and cost of the project, the end benefit of these additional elements will ensure the Zen Centre's beautiful new Buddha Hall and Multi-Purpose Room will be built on a safer, fully code-compliant foundation.

While the Centre is actively engaged in a number of initiatives to close our current funding gap, at this time (based on our now up-to-date construction estimate) our projections indicate we will still have a funding shortfall of $163,200 by the time construction begins in the Spring.

To overcome this projected shortfall, we are asking for your help in taking one final step in support of this very important project and the future of our beautiful Zen Temple at 33 High Park Gardens in Toronto.

With your help, we can be in a position to close this funding gap by April.

By helping to keep our need for long-term financing (and associated interest payments) down to a minimum, your contribution will ensure that we are able to proceed with this transformational project.

With our sincere gratitude for your consideration,

The Toronto Zen Centre Board of Directors

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