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Come for Tea and Conversation!

On Monday, March 13th, we will hold our next session of Finding Your Seat, a program for newer members and trial members of the Toronto Zen Centre. We will begin at 7 pm in the Zen Centre kitchen.

Finding Your Seat is designed to help newcomers become attuned to practice at the Centre, overcome feelings of strangeness at Zen Centre activities and meet other members. This informal get-together will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about Zen practice and the activities of the Centre. For example:

  • Why all the bells and formalities?
  • How do I wear a robe?
  • How often should I attend sittings at the Centre?
  • What is the purpose of prostrations?
  • Does it get any easier?
  • In addition Finding Your Seat sessions may include:
    • Talks by members about how and why they began spiritual practice.
    • Short tours of the Zen Centre.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the coordinator, Barbara Lamb.

Hope to see you there!